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Cheap Gun Cleaning and Reloading Tip

Posted by Josh Wethington on

If you're like you are always on the lookout for ways to save more money. The more money I save the more I can spend on ammo, and more ammo is always a good thing. So here's a quick tip that won't break the bank, and will keep you a little more organized in the process. 

Tip: Use cheap oil change pans to organize gun parts while cleaning and performing maintenance. 

These things can be had for under $4 at Walmart or your local auto parts store. Oil change pans will also hold an completely tore down AR rifle. I keep at least 3 in the shop just in case I'm working on several different builds. Its also a great way to catch over spray or drips from cleaners and solvents. 

Oil change pans also have several uses on the reloading bench. They're great for separating brass from media, or soaking dirty media. Take a pan with you to the range to collect spend casings instead of trying to stuff them back into the ammo boxes. 

I'm sure there are many other uses in the shop or on the reloading bench so be creative and keep us posted is you come up with a new use.   


Keep shooting straight. T.O.G.

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