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Range Tip: Shooting on the Move

Posted by Josh Wethington on

Shooting on the move can be a great way to switch up your training on you next range outing. Here is a great video from Adam Painchaud of the SIG SAUER Academy demonstrating shooting while in motion. Remember this a more advanced technique and should be practiced after a shooter has reach a high level of comfort this their weapons system and gear. Once you are to that point have fun and follow a few of the points bellow to stay safe. 

  1. Be aware of what is down range and to your right and left. Notice he has high berms on both sides for safety. 
  2. Notice the position of his weak hand firmly planted to his chest while drawing the firearm. This will prevent you from shooting your own hand in a dynamic or high stress situation. 
  3. Like Adam says, take is slow to start and work up to smooth and fluid pace. 
  4. Always put safety first and the safety of other shooters and bystanders. Know where your muzzle is pointed at all times. 

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