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Hexmag Authorizes DesignHex to Design & Manufacture Graphics for Magazine

Posted by Josh Wethington on

In a world where suing everyone and their brother over hot coffee is common place we finally have some good news from the manufacturing side of the gun industry. Hexmag will allow the newly formed DesingHex to produce awesome custom graphics in the patented honeycomb pattern of their AR magazines. We are defiantly looking forward to the benefits that come from this industry relationship.  See Hexmag press release below.


Hexmag and DesignHex have recently made an authorization deal. This authorization allows DesignHex to manufacture and sell stickers with designs on them that fit into the Patented hexagonal surface pattern of Hexmag magazines. DesignHex is located in Massachusetts and makes hundreds of different designs from the American flag to stickers that look like carbon fiber. Proper authorizations between manufacturers help companies in many ways; strengthening the core brand, marketing efforts, sales and most importantly protects each other from competing companies that try and copy patented products. More information on DesignHex can be found on the Facebook and Instagram pages.

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