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.300 Blackout: My New Favorite Rifle

Posted by Josh Wethington on

I generally don't limit myself to a particular gun, brand, caliber, ect. That being said there are parts/ accessories/ manufactures that hold appeal to my likes and hold attention for a bit. My latest fascination, the 300 Blackout cartridge, its load data, and how it pertains to the AR platform. 

Faxon Firearms, 300 Blackout Loudmouth Muzzle Brake

My journey begins with a Faxon Firearms 16" 300 BLK SOCOM profile barrel with a carbine length gas tube. Tread On Gear has been stocking Faxon barrels for over a year so their Loud Mouth Muzzle brake has been on my radar of a while now so I used this opportunity to try one out. Its a single chamber brake available in .308 and 5.56/2.223 featuring Faxon's patented "Muzzlock" feature. The MUZZLOK® feature allows for installation and timing of the muzzle brake without the need for shims or an ugly crush washer. All in all its a quality, flat shooting muzzle brake worthy of the Faxon name.

Tread On Gear 300BLK AR build 

For me, one of the primary appeals of 300 BLK in the AR platform is there is no need for tons of specialty parts. All the home builder has to do is buy a quality 300BLK barrel. The rest of the rifle build can utilize readily available, standard, milspec AR parts, magazines, and receivers. 

I'm very happy with the way this build turned out, and that I finally finished it. (I pained the Tactical Machining receiver set and Houlding Percision Handguard back in July. Its now January. Nothing like a bit of procrastination.)

FDE 300BLK build

Here's the build list:

  • Tactical Machining 80% reciever set
  • FaXon Firearms 16" 300 BLK Barrel
  • FaXon Firearms Low Profile gas block
  • FaXon Firearms Loudmouth Muzzle Brake
  • Houlding Precision 15" Keymod Handguard
  • Rock River chrome bolt carrier group
  • Strike Industries FDE Viper Stock
  • Strike Industries Enhanced Pistol Grip
  • Strike Industries Fang Trigger Guard
  • Strike Industries Ultimate Dust Cover
  • Strike Industries Extended Take Down Pins
  • Aero Precison redot scope mount
  • Primary Arms Redot
  • Geissele SSA trigger
  • Hexmag FDE magazine with Hexmag griptape

Tread On Gear, FDE, Faxon, 300BLK

300 Blackout, Mission First Tactical Magazine, 300BLK Reloading

 In the next post I'll cover some of the reloads I'm working on, and hopfully get some range time with the new FDE Blackout build. 

I'm not a gun reviewer and don't wish to carry that burden, but I'll do my best to record my trial and errors, here in this blog 

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