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Strike Industries Shock Buffer for the SMITH & WESSON™ M&P

Strike Industries

  • 600

The SI M&P Frame Shock Buffer is a polyester based thermoplastic polyurethane barrier that is uniquely designed to absorb recoil. The FSB-M&P was designed to increase durability between the areas of the metal slide and polymer frame while also decrease the amount of overall wear. The relief gained will also decrease the shock to your hands which prevents muscle fatigue and allows for more control for the next shot. You’ll get a smoother and cleaner shot with a simple yet effective upgrade in the Strike Industries Frame Shock Buffers for the M&P.


  •  Fits on lower frame
  •  Softer recoil
  •  Longer lifespan between metal slide and polymer frame
  •  Decrease of shock to hands which prevents muscle fatigue
  •  Increased control for precision
  •  Fits several models of the M&P
  •  Maximized surface to absorb impact

Note: Buffer will not fit every model. Please see Strike Industries manual for exact dimensions

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