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Strike Industries PX09 Polymer Extreme 1911 Pistol Grips

Strike Industries

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Polymer Extreme 1911 Pistol Grips
Golf Ball Dimple Pattern, Semi-Gloss
Model: PX-09

The dimple pattern gives you consistent and an even grip every time. These grips are truly a joy to hold.  The POLYMER EXTREME (PX) series 1911 pistol grips are constructed of heat resistant, high impact, and high bending strength polymers. These grips are inspired by Ray Gorzyn who is an accomplished 1911 gunsmith with over 30+ years of experience and an active IPSC shooter. Hundreds of 1911 have been custom built and produced by Ray and are considered top of the line.

All our 1911 grips are conveniently pre-cut for ambi safeties.

Specifications (Based on the JIS K6911 standard)

  •  Thickness: 0.295" (0.749cm)
  •  Density: 1.42
  •  Water Absorption: 0.3%
  •  Molded Shrinkage: 0.7%-1.25%
  •  Heat Resistance:(2hr/'C): 200'C
  •  Impact Strength: 3.0-3.5 Kgf-cm/cm2
  •  Flexible Strength: 9.5 Kgf/mm2
  •  Tensile Strength: 5.6 Kgf/mm2
  •  Compressive Strength: 22.0 Kgf/mm2
  •  Isolation Resistance: 1x5^(8-9)Ω (ohm)
  •  Breakdown Voltage: 11.0Kv/mm

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