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Wolff Gunsprings AR15 Carbine EXTRA POWER Action Buffer Spring

Wolff Gunsprings

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Fits Colt Sporting Carbines & Clones. Carbine length 5.56/.223/9mm action springs available in reduced power, factory standard, and extra power.

Please see our other listings for Wolff Reduced power buffer springs.

  • Carbine Length EXTRA POWER Spring
  • 16501 - COLT CAR15, M4 .223 & SMG 9MM
  • 16500 - COLT AR15 & M16 .223
  • Made in the USA

9mm AR Applications:

9mm Pistols or SBRs with barrels less than 8" using any type of ammunition
Pistols or SBRs with barrels of 8 - 12" if using mostly light loads, light weight bullets or standard velocity 115 grain ammunition
If running suppressed with heavy bullets, you will probably need to move up to the AR-10 carbine buffer spring

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