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  • Who is Tread On Gear (TOG)?
    • Simply, it is proof that the American Dream is still obtainable provided one is willing to set goals and work hard to make them come true. For me it is more than just being my own boss. It's about creating a customer service driven company dedicated to selling quality tactical gear, accessories, and gun parts. 
    • My past lives have included USAF cop/security forces, Iraq veteran, entrepreneur, real estate agent, frozen pizza factory worker; one has not lived until they have operated a cheese machine. Many of these lives where successful some not, but we are the sum total of all our experiences. These experiences have shaped and molded the vision that is now Tread On Gear. 
    • I'm a huge fan of efficiency, Tacticool gear, and innovative products. This is what I bring to Tread On Gear, and why I'm proud to say that the majority of our products are made and designed right here in the good ol' USA by American manufactures. My promise to our customers is to keep that way. 
  • Why we do it
    • Its fun!! And or course guns.
    • Cause we love a good deal, fast shipping, cool backpacks, and guns 
    • To provide an excellent buying experience, and quality service that would make mama proud 
    • The American Dream: We are proof that you can build something from nothing with hard work and vision
    • The Team
      •  For now this is a one man/woman show (not sure how, but I have talked my wife into helping keep me organized). We will strive to stay ahead of the curve, and grow the team in order to provide you the best quality service.
      • Fortis Mfg., Strike Industries, Mission First Tactical, Blitzkrieg Components, and our other manufactures  are valuable TOG team members. I will continue to forge new relationships for the benefit of our customers in order to meet our quality and price standards.