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Strike Industries AR Extended Takedown Pins & Pivot Pins

Strike Industries

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Strike industries extended takedown pins and pivot pins are ideal for shooters looking for a custom look and that run multiple upper receivers off of a single lower. Made out of Precision-Machined Steel.  This is a replacement for the standard AR15/M16/M4 takedown pins and fits most of AR standard and billet receivers.

Package Includes:
- 1 x Extended Pivot pin
- 1 x Extended Take down pin

- 2 x Springs & Detents Note: Strike does not included these in as shipped from the factory. We add Damage Industries springs and detents to make your life easier. Not too mention they are small parts and very easy to lose so its a good idea to have an extra laying around.

- Eliminates the need for a pin punch.
- Locks into place securely.
- Quick disassembly of the rifle.

Note: SI Extended Pivot Pins may not be a good fit for all billet receivers such as the AREA53 brand receivers.

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