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Trim-IT Reloading Case Trimmer

Trim-IT Reloading Case Trimmer


  • 7295

Trim-It (Standard, Flat Trimmer)

The TRIM-IT mounts to any standard drill or drill press, making your case trimming faster and a whole lot easier. It features a built-in micrometer adjuster that allows for supremely accurate cut-length control and quick and easy adjustability. Also, the interchangeable caliber dies allow you to trim virtually any pistol or rifle case with one unit.


  • Built-in micrometer adjustment for cut-length control
  • Interchangeable die system, allowing you to trim a wide range of cases with one unit
  • 4-Fluted High Speed Steel Cutter with a 3/8” chuck. Will trim anything from .17 to cartridges as large as the .50 BMG
  • Machined from 6061-T6 Aluminum. This baby is built to last.
  • 100% Forever (plus 90 days) Guarantee. 
  • Made entirely in the good ole' US of A!
  • Interchangeable Caliber Dies sold separately 

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